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ContactNow Bulk SMS messaging platform allows you to communicate with multiple contacts at the same time, using our safe, easy to use, streamlined, high capacity, online SMS messaging system. Typically one SMS credit is required to deliver a SMS message to a single recipient.

With ContactNow Bulk SMS messaging platform, communicating with your entire database can be as highly effective as it is low cost. If you want to use our interactive bulk SMS service, you can buy SMS credits in bundles from as low as 21 cents per credit. The more bulk SMS messaging credits you buy at a time, the lower the cost per SMS credit. For more pricing information please visit our pricing page.

ContactNow SMS features

  •  Direct campaigns: Import existing or create new contacts and manage them into convenient groups
  •  Schedule communications: You can set up a schedule so your campaigns run automatically, when you want them to. Interact with your customers as replies are sent directly to your “Replies” inbox
  •  Detailed Reporting: Real-time reporting on all SMS send activity
  •  Communicate instantly: Instantly alert your customers or group members of special offers, deals, meetings or changes in event arrangements
  •  Integrate address books: Merge your address book into ContactNow’s SMS package easily and seamlessly by importing existing contacts, or adding new contacts directly to your account.

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Register you FREE ContactNow SMS acccount and we will give you 50 SMS credits to test the platform.

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SMS Pricing

Swarm SEND bulk SMS is credit based.  1 credit equals one SMS of 160 characters. Our pricing is competitive and affordable for all businesses and individuals.

Short Codes

Short Codes are memorable 5-digit numbers like 46873 that are used in advertising campaigns, product packaging and any other applications to allow your customers and clients to easily contact you.


Keywords are unique SMS identities and can be a very powerful tool when used with a Short Code.

Full featured API to integrate with web and desktop applications.

If you need any assistance feel free to contact us and our team will gladly assist you.