Transactional Email

ContactNow TransAct mail is an industry leading solution for high volume email delivery.

Cater for all your transactional email requirements through one platform full of features.

Key TransAct Mail features:

  •  Improved email delivery
  •  Full featured API for seamless integration
  •  Custom template development and editing.
  •  Real-time reporting on all email deliveries.
  •  Secure, and encrypted email delivery.
  • Highly scalable and reliable infrastructure.

TransAct Mail Credit Pricing

CREDITS 1,000 2,000 5,000 10,000 50,000 100,000 250,000 500,000 500,001 +
Cost (incl.vat) R 100 R 175 R 300 R 500 R 2,250 R 4,000 R 7,500 R 12,500 Contact Us
Cost Per Credit 10c 8.75c 6c 5c 4.5c 4c 3c 2.5c NA

All you need to get started

Bulk Email Pricing

ContactNow TransAct Mail is credit based. Our pricing is competitive and affordable for all businesses and individuals.

TransAct Mail API

Allows you to integrate our application into your existing IT infrastructure so you can build, manage, automate and streamline your email newsletter sending and subscription processes remotely.

List Management

We can assist you with managing all your lists, cleaning your data against predefined rules and many other list management options on our specially developed List Management software.