SharpSpring Mail+

SharpSpring Mail+ is a bulk email and mailing list management tool that helps you effectively manage your e-marketing programs from start to finish.   It’s simply designed, easy to use and can be customized to suit your own needs.   It’s a hassle-free bulk email tool, designed to make sending newsletters and managing your online marketing activities as easy as pie.

And if — like many business owners and marketing managers — you’re too busy to design email templates, don’t worry. We’ll design the email template for you, using your branding and preferred layout.  Once you have the template in hand, you’ll be able to easily update your content, images and manage your campaigns in your own time.

If you want to sign up to add the SharpSpring Mail+ email marketing tool to your marketing mix, you can do so for free right now.  See for yourself how you can easily create an e-marketing campaign using ours email, marketing automation or SMS tools.

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