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Bulk Email

Online newsletter, bulk email and mailing list management tool that helps you effectively manage your e-marketing programs from start to finish.


Complete set of Marketing Automation products and services.

Bulk SMS

SMS messaging platform allows you to communicate with multiple contacts at the same time, using our safe, easy to use, streamlined, high capacity, online SMS messaging system.

SMS Keywords

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Short Codes

Memorable 5 digit number used to allow customers to contact your organisation.

Long Codes

10-digit numbers that allow mobile users to contact an organisation for additional information or a call back.

Additional Services


SharpSpring is an advanced lead generation and marketing automation platform that will change you do marketing.

Data Cleaning

Our custom built list cleanup tool will optimise your list quality and allow you to clean your data and improve campaign accuracy

Campaign Management

ContactNow can manage your e-marketing and communications campaign from beginning to end.  Various options available to suit your requirements.

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